Leadership That Creates An Impact- A  Conversation with Mitchell Levy

Leadership That Creates An Impact- A Conversation with Mitchell Levy

Mitchell Levy has a great project ongoing. 

He is seeking to understand what is the nature of credibility of people who are thought leaders.

I was honored to be interviewed by him

Here is the Thought Leader: Credibility website. Check out the other interviews at https://www.thoughtleaderlife.com/

Now, enjoy our conversation. Thanks very much, Mitchell.

A Lesson in Impact

A Lesson in Impact

Failure is a way of life for many people. They try hard to succeed. But for some reason they never do.

Is their problem one of execution, of planning, of expectation, of personality or timing? Or is it a combination of all of them?

I’ve thought a lot about this over the years. In addition to the above, other factors play into what constitutes success.

There is the question of focus, of application of talent to real needs, of competence in performance, of commitment for preparation and for follow-through. Then there is the question of self-confidence.

See, all those conditions factor into success and failure. Yet, all those could be at the top-of-their-game, and still, success eludes us. The question is whether our conception of success is sufficient for the world we live in. I am increasingly convinced that we must look more deeply into these factors in order to define impact as the measure of success.

Leading as Creators of Change

Leading as Creators of Change

The choice is increasingly clear. In the future, we will either be subjects of change or creators of it. To thrive in a world in transition requires the capacity to see beyond what has become comfortable and secure. We must see the opportunities that are ours through our potential for taking personal initiative.

A key to living in the midst of transition is listening for the signals of opportunities that come with change. Only by being aware of the obstacles and opportunities embedded in change, can we see how to create change that makes a difference that matters.

This is the third of four posts of excerpts from my book, Circle of Impact: Taking Personal Initiative To Ignite Change. These posts are about the transition that I see taking place within organizations in particular, and global society in general. If you or your business is in transition, you may find that many of the ideas and tactics that you used to manage change are no longer effective. You need not only a different perspective, but new tools for living in the midst of a global transition of unprecedented proportions.