Making Sense of Transitions

Making Sense of Transitions

A number of people have spoken to me recently about the sense that they are in transition. They cannot articulate why. If you are having a sense of being in transition, then read on. This post should help.

We feel things before we know things. We only know things because we think them through. If we don’t think them through, we can easily become confused. We feel that our perception of the world has no logic, consistency, or means of making sense of it. As a result, we are living in a world that does not make sense.

What does making sense mean? Especially with this sense that you have is pointing you towards a transition in your life.

Making sense means that I understand the situation that I am in, that I have a clear idea of what my transition is leading me, and that I know what I must do now.

So …

Do you understand the situation that you are in?
Do you know where your transition is leading you?
Do you know what you must do?