How to Take Personal Initiative to Ignite Change

We're all In Transition

What is the impact you would like to see happen through your own initiative, ideas, and passion? If you feel like your life is in flux, you’re not alone. We’re all in the midst of transition in change. The key is to identify and understand our pressing issue –  the problem of self-understanding. 

Circle of Impact

Taking Personal Initiative to Ignite Change

Leadership starts with the individual’s personal initiative to make a difference. Personal initiative is defined by the impact you create that inspires change. Are you ready to be a leader in a world in transition? Would you like to 

Transformation has everything to do with how we give of ourselves to one another and the difference that makes. It is about how we live together, work together, change together, and lead together. 

Impact DAy

Where do I start implementing a Circle of Impact Leadership Approach? It begins with Impact Day:

  • How are you impacting the people around you?
  • How are you navigating transition?
  • Are you part of a company or organization in transition?
  • What are your core values?
  • If you are already going the right direction, who are you taking with you?

Each Impact Day is customized to the individual. It is a conversation as we work together to identify where you are, where you’re going, and whom you can and will impact along the way. Let’s get started. Click below set up the initial phone call. 


Are you ready to be a leader in a world in transition? Explore the books and begin your journey of self-understanding.


You are not alone. There are countless people who, like you, are navigating transition. Let’s walk through it together.

Impact Day

Learning to lead through transition begins with scheduling your Impact Day. Connect with Ed today to get started.


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Dr. Ed Brenegar is a global thought leader, trainer, speaker, and networker. His purpose is to inspire and equip people world-wide to take personal initiative to create impact for their local communities.

He is the author of Circle of Impact: Taking Personal Initiative To Ignite Change. He is the Founder and Facilitator of the Global Impact Network and the Circle of Impact.


How do leaders create the impact that matters?
I explore the answers.

“The only thing we know about the future is that it will be different.”

―Peter F. Drucker