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All leadership begins with personal initiative. When we take initiative, we focus on making a difference that matters. This difference we call impact because it changes things for the better. Circle of Impact Leadership is how our personal character is expressed in the actions that we take in all aspects of life.

The Circle of Impact is a guide to creating an impact-rich life. Seeing our lives making a meaningful difference helps us to see the unlimited potential that we have together. The Circle of Impact is a model that helps organizations transition into being leader-rich ones. It all begins with a change in our self-perception as we come to believe that we can make a difference in the world.

Apply the Circle of Impact as a guide for personal development, problem-solving, team building and organizational transformation.

Founder, Keynote Speaker, Author & Leadership Coach

Dr. Ed Brenegar works with organizational leaders to expand their leadership impact and the productivity of their organization through the creation of cultures of trust and leadership initiative.

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Speaking Topics

Leading for Impact

Leadership used to be understood as a function of an organization’s operating structure. Today, leadership is seen as a function of individual character and human performance. Leading for Impact presents a perspective of what a leader-rich organization looks like. In the past, the focus in many organizations was on what a person did, the activities of their job. Now, we look at the impact that each member of an organization creates. Leading for Impact introduces how an organization can transition to being a leader-rich environment by taking personal initiative to create an impact that makes a difference that matters.

Circle of Impact: Leadership for a World in Transition

Leadership has never been in greater demand or more difficult to provide. The days when the solution to a problem could be found within the problem are fading fast. Now, we need to look beyond the problem to see a new picture of our organizations. The Circle of Impact is a three-dimensional approach to leadership that recognizes that virtually all our challenges and opportunities live in the interaction between our Ideas, our Relationships and the social and organizational Structures of our businesses, families and communities. In this presentation, I bring a view of the transition that our world faces and how organizations can develop leadership within their people to create impact, resiliency and sustainability.

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Become a leader‑rich organization by learning to take personal initiative to Create an Impact that is both resilient and sustainable.

Leading for Impact Blog

How do leaders create the impact that matters and makes a difference in their life and the lives of others? I explore the Big Questions and help answer the Pressing Issues.

Four Steps to Reach Your Potential

Our potential is not finite or defined. If you have never thought about your potential for making a difference with your life, here are four steps where you can start.

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Who is Dr. Ed Brenegar?

Keynote speaker and leadership consultant Dr. Ed Brenegar is a catalyst for teaching people to think for themselves, to act on their own initiative and to become people of impact within the organizations, communities and institutions with which they engage. His Circle of Impact model provides the tools for innovative problem-solving, collaboration and planning across social and organizational boundaries by addressing the connected dynamics between ideas, relationships and structure.

As a sought-after leadership coach, university professor, columnist and award-winning Internet commentator, Ed has worked with senior executives, entrepreneurs and a variety of organizational clients for 30 years to solve the real problems that confront leaders, specializing in transformational change and transition processes.

Ed has partnered with churches on congregational change management and the strategic development of church stewardship programs. He founded an international social network for the transformative power of gratitude and serves as Chief Strategist for a global non-profit that provides tools and support for children and young adults to conduct social entrepreneurial projects. His forthcoming book “Circle of Impact: Leadership for a World in Transition” provides a simple, practical roadmap for making a difference that matters through clarity of purpose and values that strengthen work and relationships.

With a doctoral degree in Leadership and Ethics, Ed has thought deeply and practically about the nature of leadership in organizations today, conducted numerous workshops and facilitated events for corporate, public sector and ecclesiastical stakeholders. His fresh perspective, formalized in the Circle of Impact model, recognizes leader potential at all levels of society and the power of taking personal initiative to inspire positive action.

Bill Watkins

Co-Founder, Rusty Lion

When I read Circle of Impact, I was struck by two thoughts. Ed Brenegar is the definitive expert on something we constantly experience in our lives that we keep trying to avoid: change. And, if there was ever a time we need an expert on change and the accelerated transitions in our lives, it’s now. Ed is the right man for our world right now. Read his book!

Kerstin Schinck

Sr. Consultant, Deutsche Bank

Dealing with humans is the biggest challenge in leadership. And yet deepening relationships while creating a foundation of trust always does lead to personal growth and better results. In times of change Ed Brenegar knows how to unlock people´s potential by guiding them while asking the right questions. Here is someone who understands how to lead with empathy. The book is a must read to anyone who is interested in unlocking their potential and lead more humane.

Dan McCabe

CAO, CareSource Management Group

I have worked with Ed for almost 3 years. His process and results could not have been better and Ed gained the confidence, appreciation and trust of the team and executives. Because of his great work on this engagement we brought him back to be a coach for our executive team to help us build stronger and more effective relationships across the team.

Executive Coaching Solutions

Change Your Life. Create Impact. Make A Difference.

In life, career and business, there are times when you know a critical decision must be made, but not how best to make it. Whether personal or work-related, solutions to complex problems are often allusive.

During 6-months working with leadership coach Dr. Ed Brenegar, learn to find the kind of solutions that will:

Catapult Your Career on a More Meaningful Path

Course-Correct Complex Business Issues

Build Supportive Relationships & Collaborative Networks

Gain perspective and clarity on the change you feel deeply and cannot entirely grasp.
The Circle of Impact 4-step coaching solution develops individual leader capacity to identify the exact nature of problem areas along with solutions which successfully resolve or advance the situation. Your consultation with Ed includes:


  • 12 encounter sessions
  • 2 one-on-one consulting calls per month
  • A customized action plan, tailored to your solution, that you create together

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