Personal and TEam Training

Personal Training:

This program is custom-designed for the individual to address identified needs in their leadership performance. It incorporates the Impact Day process and instruction in the knowledge and practice of the Circle of Impact. The goal is the development of the person to be able to inspire and equip others to be persons of impact.

Team Training:

This program trains teams to apply the Circle of Impact model as a tool for planning, problem-solving, leaders development, communication, and innovation.

Manager | Train the Trainer:

A core leadership principle of the Circle of Impact is that everyone can learn to take personal initiative to create impact that makes a difference that matters.  When the Circle of Impact is adopted in an organization, the lowest echelon of workers must be equipped to take personal initiative in areas that may not have been permitted in the past.

This program trains managers to develop their direct reports to take leadership initiative to solve problems, communicate broadly, and innovate new ways of work. 

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