Your Journey Begins With Impact Day


Solve Problems and Create a Vision for Your Organization in Just One Day

By asking questions, we gain clarity of understanding. The process follows a sets of questions that help us see what we need to say so that we can identify the steps that we need to take to lead you to the place you want to be.

Half day:

A three hour session that focus on one specific question to discover its answer and the path of action that can be taken.

Full day: 

We look at the questions of personal or work through the Circle of Impact model. The goal is to first gain clarity and then align one’s life and work with the Three Dimensions of Leadership. The ultimate goal is reframe your self-understanding to see how you are and can be a person of impact. We end with a plan for creating impact through your life and work.

Team Impact Day:

If teams are only organized around their work, then the chance that they will create impact that makes a difference that matters is less likely. Teams align around shared values and purpose for impact, and develop relationships of respect, trust and mutual accountability as a result. A team aligned for impact can then develop a vision for impact that then can be applied to the structure of their team and its work.

Transitional Impact Day:

This version of Impact Day is design to address the situations of transition that individuals, families, teams, and organizations face. We establish a clarity of perspective that becomes a guide through the changes that we may face.

Impact Starts Here


“How was your day?” is a question that matters a lot more than it seems.

―Seth Godin, Tribes

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