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In Circle of Impact, Ed Brenegar offers a new perspective on leadership. Packed with inspiration for both individuals and organizations, this powerful book shows how leadership models can be used to solve complex problems, improve communication, and achieve more.

Taking Personal Initiative to Ignite Change

We all know the world is in a period of transition. People everywhere are facing new challenges and opportunities in both their personal and professional lives. But knowing how to make the most of transition isn’t always easy.

Drawing on over 30 years’ experience, Ed Brenegar shares his belief that everyone has the capability to develop personal initiative to create impact and make a difference to the world.
In Circle of Impact, Ed introduces a new leadership model that focuses not on job titles or roles but on the impact individuals can make in their lives, workplaces and communities to create a better world.

With real-life case studies and practical advice, this is an inspirational and uplifting publication that truly has the power to change lives.

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About The Author

A leader for leaders, Dr. Ed Brenegar is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations realize their potential and reach their goals, in both their professional and personal lives.

Ed’s Circle of Impact model provides the tools for innovative problem-solving, collaboration and planning across social and organizational boundaries. With a new approach to leadership, Ed teaches people to act on their own initiative to become people of impact within the organizations, communities and institutions to which they belong.


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“It is not the action that defines us, but the impact of the action.”
– Ed Brenegar

“I don’t divide the world up into leaders and followers. We need to know how to be both. Leadership isn’t a position of authority, but of personal responsibility. It is best practiced in a social setting where people share the responsibility for leadership.”
– Ed Brenegar

“All leadership begins with personal initiative that creates impact that makes a difference that matters.”
– Ed Brenegar

“We live in a leader-starved society. We don’t need more leaders who inhabit the title of leader in a business. We need more people who will step forward to become Circle of Impact Leaders within the business.”
– Ed Brenegar

“Avoiding change does not enhance our lives. It limits it. If we resist change, we can easily fail to see the potential that we have for making a difference in the world.”
– Ed Brenegar

“The solution that builds a trusting relationship is one where we listen and respond to them, rather than expecting them to respond to us.”
– Ed Brenegar

“When the ideas that we identify as values were treated as secondary or optional aspects of the business, it contributes to difficulties in how people worked together.”
– Ed Brenegar

“Trust in relationships is a product of clarity, not just the Why of the company but the HOW.”
– Ed Brenegar

“Knowing what motivates us to be at our best and functioning with impact in social and work situations help us know where we do not want to be and where we should be.”
– Ed Brenegar

“When a person takes initiative they make a personal choice to take action. It starts as motivation to fulfill a desire to fulfill the values that give their life meaning.”
– Ed Brenegar

“Down deep within us are these desires that constantly suggest to us that we are made for more than what we are doing.”
– Ed Brenegar

“People are just more willing to follow someone they like and trust.”

―Barry Z. Posner, The Leadership Challenge

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