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2023 Guests

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February 2023

The One Chicken Farm Interview – 
Anthony Howard – Human-Centered Leadership
Richard Merrick – The New Artisans
Anna Brees – Journalist Author of SHAME
Jennifer Sey – A Voice for Children
Anthony Wachira – Kenyan Transitions Coach
Background: Culture of Simulation
Johann Botha – Storyteller

March 2023

Background: Networks of Relationships
Devaraj Sandberg – Reichian Therapist
Tony Hartl – Crunch Fitness
Randy Sullivan – Bourbon Real Talk
Gail Boenning 3Muses
Trevor Waldock On Eldership
Rex Williams Micromovements
Rahul Deodhar Mumbai Lawyer/Investor
Barbara Kleeb – Polymath Coach
Johanna Bengtson Ignite Leader

April 2023

Mitchell Levy – Global Credibility Expert
Neil Sequira – On Corporate Conversations
Bob Scarborough – WTOB radio – Winston-Salem, NC
Mike Foster – Winston-Salem Street School
Kenneth Mikkelsen The Neo-Generalist
Tom Morris – The Everyday Patriot
Jimmy Harmon – Black Mountain Home for Children, Youth, and Families
David Harkins and Social Entrepreneur Students

May 2023

Sascha Estens – Australian Filmmaker
Mark McGrath – John Boyd Strategist
Sean Georges Preview – TEDX
Background: Gratitude From The Road
Sean Georges – Servant Leader
John Buford – Co-Author On Mission
Steve Ware – Mindfulness Teacher
Bill Treasurer – Leadership Courage
John Morley – Leading and Learning from the Middle
Andy Wilkins – The Future of Organizations
Adair Cates – Conscious Leadership

June 2023

Andrea Clough – The Engineer Whisperer
Richard Martin – Co-Author The Neo-Generalist
Alan Rayner – Natural Inclusion
Alex Carabi – On Relationality
Mike Henry, Sr – Follower of One
Johnnie Moore – Unhurried
Background: Third Half of Life: My 70th Birthday
Celine Schillinger – Author – Dare To Unlead

July 2023

Fanteme Banishoeib  – Poet, Painter, Scientist
Mike Parker – Liminal Coaching
Ole Fogh Kirkeby – Philosopher of the Event
Roberto Bravo Graubin – Exploring Neo-Generalism
Manuel Lima – The New Designer
Purpose & Appreciation – Background to The Eddy Network Podcast
Virgil Smith – Leader of Impact
Whitney McDuff – Transforming Imposter Syndrome
Ludvig Kirkeby – Anthropology Student

August 2023                                                               

Cecelia ‘Fi’ Mazanke – Heart-felt Coaching
Robin Davis – Creating a Game-Changing Environment
John Flach – On Deliberate Practice
Jon Husband – Wirearchy
Steve Swavely – The Neuropsychology of Leadership
Brian “Ponch” Rivera – Strategic Orientation
Desiree Driesenaar – Abundance Futures
Lee Sidebottom – Neurotracker Performance
Jerrold McGrath – In Praise of Disorder

September 2023                                                         

Eric Bland – Litigator and Storyteller
Rachel B Simon – Author – Relationships at Work
Parissa Behnia  – Badasses in Transition
Kim Witczak – Life as an Accidental Advocate
Jason Barnes – Designing Human Interaction
Roman Eggenberger – A Man Living Many Lives
Josie Gibson – Catalyst for Human Collaboration
David Ross Part 1 – VUCA Strategist

October 2023                                                              

David Ross Part 2 – VUCA Strategist
Jennifer Hunter – Designing Shared Human Systems
Circle of Impact on Audible                                          
Barry James – AI for Good
John Locke – Coaching Executive Growth and Transitions
Carlos Martins – A Local Perspective on the Two Global Forces
David Godin – Filmmaker, Father, Son
Christine Kidder Graves – Exploring Career Transitions
Mark McGrath 2nd visit – The Why of Leadership
Cliff Kimber – The Flow of Leadership

November 2023                                                          

Gail Boenning – Author – POISE: Fighting Cancer with Grace and Resilience
Dave Gray – Creativity and The Possible
Phil Gerbyshak – Happy AF
Brian Biro – America’s Breakthrough Speaker
Sue Heatherington – Fresh Insight from the Quiet Edge
Anthony Howard – Artisan of a New Humanity
Josie Gibson and The Catalyst Network – A Catalyst for Conversation
Lukas Michel  – Transitions in Organizations
Chandima Dutton – Conversations That Impact

December 2023

Kathy Allen – Nature as a Guide to Leadership in Rural Communities
Sean O’Sullivan – Technology for Connection and Conversation
Greg Satell – Movements, Values, and Ukraine
John Granholm – A Mindset of Always Moving Forward
Joey Robert Parks – Short Story Writing and AI
Meridith Elliott Powell – Training Your Brain to Overcome Fear and Uncertainty
Barbara Hankins – A Wise Catalyst for Change                                         
Bill Bannear – Mastering Designs in Complex Systems                                        

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