Communities are under great stress. They are the places we live, work, love, and experience the full range of life. We each need to think deeply about our relationship to the place we live. Where do you participate? What is your contribution? What is the difference that matters that you make?

This is what Stephan Abrams a honored friend and I talk about on his podcast, The Jackson Hole Connection.


Dr. Ed Brenegar is a Leader for Leaders working with individuals, their teams, organizations and communities who find themselves at a point of transition. Ed has developed an innovative leadership model called, Circle of Impact, that clarifies what the impact of their life or the work of their organization can be. From this perspective, impact is the change that makes a difference that matters. Ed. for over 30 years, has inspired and equipped people and organizations to practice this fresh understanding of leadership. All leadership begins with personal initiative to create impact that makes a difference that matters. Everyone within an organization or a community can, therefore, practice leadership initiative. In so doing, they turn what were once leadership-starved organizations into leader-rich cultures that make a difference that matters.

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